World premiere march 7th at Toronto shorts international film festival



short film (15min)

Four siblings ritualize and relive their murdered brother's last day alive on the anniversary of his death. 

'Four' is a speculative familial drama that experiments with the unconventional way four siblings deal with the tragic death of their brother. As the media forces the siblings to relive the worst experience of their lives year after year, the family clings to the only self sustaining sacrament they have left by returning to the cabin where it all began. The family is confident that their veneration preserves the child's legacy, yet their ritual is arguably a collective Delphian obsession.


Directed By: Shane Jensen

Written By: Ginger Kearns

Cinematography: Derrick Belcham

Sound: Eric Stapleton



Paul Corning, Louis Butelli, Ginger Kearns, Shane Jensen



The film was shot over three days at a secluded cabin in the Adirondack Mountains. 



Shot with minimum crew, the only people on set were the four actors, including the director and writer, one sound person, the cinematographer, and our associate producer who ran the accommodations and catering. 

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